Sunday, October 3, 2021


When it comes to Bob Mizer's photos of Bob Wilson, I not 
only wish for more quantity, but more quality as well.
Disclosure:  I had to work on this one to make it viewable.



  1. Did Mizer mess up his shots often? We always see good ones, of course. But are there many like this?

    1. The guys at the Bob Mizer Foundation are still cataloging his vast body of work. At last count, they were at well over a million distinct images. So of course, there are some poor quality ones. He generally only knowingly published pretty good work, though. I suspect that this one is a poor copy or primitive scan of a somewhat better original.

  2. I have 26 photos of Bob Wilson (aka Charlie Day) posing alone and 93 odd where he's posing with others. I don't know how many of them are from AMG. I'm happy to send you all of them if you'd like.