Friday, October 22, 2021


This handsome model posed for Boisson around 1875.
Does the seal indicate that he won a prize?  I could see why.



  1. There's that "working man's body" again, showcased well.

  2. The stamp is very fuzzy even on enlargement. The top wording commences with "ECOLE" meaning "school" but I cannot decipher what follows - doubtless a proper noun. Around the bottom is the word "BIBLIOTHEQUE" meaning "library". In the centre, there are the words "PRISE en charge" - meaning "adopted" or "taken into care" - followed by a number. It looks as if this photograph has been logged and listed in a library collection, possibly the archives of a photography school or school of art.

    1. Thank you, Julian. In a way, I suppose it was considered to be a winner if it was preserved by an institution.

  3. Indeed. Thank heavens it was preserved for posterity - and our appreciation. A "prise en charge" is a feminine noun clause in French but I have specifically assumed it to be a photograph (a feminine noun in French), because an original sketch of that quality would never have been stamped on the front itself - only on its back.