Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fifth Place

 Howard Jones at Fifth Place

Alone among the top five finishers at the 1956's Mr. Utah, Howard Jones did not have a modeling career.  Nor did he apparently pursue bodybuilding any further competitively.  That's a shame when we see how well he was developed as a 1956 Senior at Salt Lake City East High School at center.  He was one of two of the top five who may have been under age when he won fifth.  The photo at left is his junior year class picture and at right is his 1957 freshman shot from the University of Utah.  Wish we had more.


  1. Such a pity he didn't go on to model. A great looking guy. I'm sure he would have done well.

    1. I agree! I tried to research what he did in later life, but there were just too many men with that name to sort it out.

    2. Thank you for all your research. All fascinating lives. I do hope they all looked back on theirs with a sense of fulfilment. Proudly celebrating the developed male form.

    3. You're welcome. I was able to find an amazing amount of info on Walt Needham, and his expanded series will appear here on 10 November.

  2. I hadn't had the time to stop and show appreciation for this series, but now, I can. It may have been tedious for you to put together, but I love it. It's one of my favorites. As an extra, I think Howard Jones looks like the recently deceased former Disney star, Tommy Kirk, of whom I am a big fan. This similarity made the series even better for me.