Sunday, October 24, 2021

Fourth Place

 Reed Phippen took Fourth

Reed Phippen appears here on the left in his 1955 Kaysville High (Utah) School Senior yearbook photo.  On the right, he was a freshman Phys-Ed major at Brigham Young University in 1956.  That was the year he came in fourth for Mr. Utah.  Like three of the other five top placed men, he took up modeling with a career that extended into the early 1960s as you will see below:

This is supposed to be an AMG picture, but it isn't the usual Bob Mizer shower.
Good to see some chest fur on Mr. Phippen here.

Dave Martin took this great photo of Reed Phippen at a location
 he used for several other of the Utah bodybuilders.

Somehow, Reed Phippen managed to not appear on any magazine covers I could find.
We can console ourselves with this AMG shot of him with John Krivos.


  1. Only fourth?! Maybe I'm biased, but as per my previous comments I'm a big fan of Reed Phippen and I'd have placed him a very close second to Mike Sill. I was surprised that Mr. Phippen doesn't appear to have been on any magazine covers. Clearly he had a great body but he had real film star looks too. Anyway, this is a lovely collection of photos of Mr. Phippen. It's nice to see him with some chest fur, I love the series of photos of him outdoors and a double with John Krivos is a real delight. My favourite in a great series.


  2. Great to see how quickly these guys mature into confident men. Thanks to the always excellent Dave martin to bring this out when posing nude.

  3. That would be Davis High School, in Davis County, the high school my father went to. There is no Kaysville High, but there is a junior high school with that name.

    1. You are correct. For some reason, my source listed the location before the name of the school.