Thursday, October 21, 2021

Line crossing

This is another of those Navy equatorial line crossing festivities.



  1. I heard these "ceremonies" could get quite wild and crazy. Wish I could have seen/been in one.

    1. I've been through them twice. Varied from ship to ship. No nudity on ours, except for the occasional stripping of the guys.
      The drag show beauty contest was hilarious. Our ship was the Flagship, so we had the Admiral of the 7th Fleet on there; he was one of the judges. The contestants came out in next-to-nothing, some with pubes ablaze, and do lap dances to try to influence the judges. Got pretty graphic. You'd never believe that they were a bunch of nasty homophobes, contestants and judges.
      The whole contest got banned when women were allowed on board. It offended them. A great loss.

    2. Thanks for posting your experience, Dan.