Sunday, October 10, 2021

More smooching

One writer who supposedly spent a lot of time with the Hell's Angels said that the homoerotic 
stuff sometimes went beyond kissing.  He didn't go into much detail, but said a lot of things 
would be tolerated as long as no one openly called anyone or anything "gay."



  1. Well, that answers my question about the above photo.

  2. A force d'aller à deux sur une moto et les vibrations des machines, je suppose qu'ils devaient ressentir l'excitation du passager et de là à s'arrêter dans un chemin dé n'y a qu'un pas vers l'amour entre mec!
    By dint of going to two on a motorcycle and the vibrations of the machines, I suppose they must have felt the excitement of the passenger and from there to stop in a deserted road .... there is only a step towards love between guys!