Thursday, November 18, 2021

Another by Sarony

Eugen Sandow did a lengthy residency in New York City in the 1890s.  His Broadway stage show 
was a sensation, and he admitted both men and women to his dressing room after performances.  
They were allowed to feel his muscles and who knows what else . . . for a fee, of course.  Sandow's musical accompanist, Dutchman Martinus Sieveking, shared an apartment with him and took up bodybuilding himself.  There were rumors, and Sieveking eventually moved to Nebraska to teach
 piano after being offered what was a small fortune ($6,000) at the time.  He complained that 
none of the men in the small town wanted to take piano lessons, only women.  
Photo by Sarony, 1893.



  1. Despite the lack of contrast in lighting between Sandow and the background, his marvelous muscles stand out well.

  2. Jerry, could the "paleness" of this shot be due to technological restraints of that era? It is still most excellent, though.

    1. Being of Baltic extraction, he was pretty pale to begin with.

  3. I'm convinced that he and Martinus were boyfriends; I mean, just the fact that he complained that there were no potential male students in Neb. is a dead giveaway......He's also very handsome, so it's easy to see how he hooked up w/Sandow.