Saturday, November 6, 2021

Barbecue I

This must have been a large gathering of nudists because I have other pictures from the same session showing how huge the barbecue arrangement was.  Our cook must have made a visit to the clinic because that bandaid looks like he just gave a blood sample.  There is a color version of this photo where somebody airbrushed the bandaid out of the picture, btw.



  1. What a brave man. I probably don't have to explain to this particular readership what constitutes a culinary spit roast, but despite an avid interest in history, I only recently found out that in mediaeval times, the churls, serfs, villeins and swains working in the Lord's kitchens, would strip entirely naked to turn the haunch of venison, leg of lamb or entire pig. The reason was that the hot fat dripping from the meat could set their felt clothing alight. Goodness knows what injuries were occasioned... As I said, this chap is a brave man!

    1. I had no idea that was done. As much as I promote and enjoy nudity, I feel badly for all those kitchen workers who undoubtedly got painful burns.