Sunday, November 28, 2021

Mustache Day, Part 1 - Colt Men

Today's double feature is all mustaches, starting with five Colt models.  When I started this, I quickly found out that there are more men with mustaches in my Colt collection than any other mid-20th Century photographers.  This is probably because Jim French's career hit its peak in the 1970s when everybody and his little brother had fur on their upper lips.



  1. Colt/French was my first full introduction to the glorious world of physique models, and I have fond memories of releasing my young male tension while enjoying men like Carl Hardwick, Steve Kelso, and Ledermeister. Thanks for a great stroll down memory lane, Jerry.

  2. My favourite in today's series. He's one handsome guy with a great tache, nicely furry and well endowed. He pretty much typifies Colt to me. Great series, Jerry.


  3. Oh yes... Some 40 years on, this is still the kind of guy that does it for me.

  4. Très bel homme typique des années 70/80. C'est vrai que presque tous les hommes portaient la moustache. Comme il est vrai qu'aujourd'hui, ils sont presque tous tatoués et barbus.
    Very handsome man typical of the 70s / 80s. It is true that almost all the men wore a mustache. As it is true that today they are almost all tattooed and bearded.

    1. Apparently I don't believe in fashion, having kept a beard constantly since 1973. I've saved a fortune on razors.

  5. As others have said, this is my favourite photo from a great series. And yes, some 40 years on, this is still the kind of man that does it for me. I too have fond memories as a young male enjoying men like these.