Sunday, December 12, 2021

Arax Studio Day, Part 1 - Lanky Nude Models

It's been too long since I did a series on the great photographer Gregor Arax of Paris, so it will be a double feature starting with some lanky nudes.  This is Hubert Thomas of Swansea, Wales.
He posed for this Arax shot in 1949 and went on to be Mr. Britain of 1951.



  1. A great start to this welcome series, Jerry. Mr. Thomas was a handsome guy and had a superb well developed but natural looking physique. I know we've both commented on this before but I don't think he'd have stood a chance of winning Mr. Britain now - if such a title still exists - against the terrible pumped-up 21st century bodybuilders. And without wishing to be crude, Mr. Thomas had a lovely pair of balls.


  2. Anonymous, I agree with you. This man's scrotum is beautiful. I also agree with the beauty of his non-steroid body. Today's artificially pumped males just don't compare to the men back then.

    1. So true guys. Hubert's body is superb. Nicely proportioned with just the right amount of development. So much better than the pumped up steroid men of today. As with all good physiques, best viewed nude. And yup..a very handsome scrotum, nicely hung. All set off by a natural bush.

  3. As always beautiful pictures. I guess we all have a different definition of Lanky. For me, with the exception of Gerard, they are too muscular to be lanky.

  4. Gwir fab Cymru ac golygus ar hynny.