Friday, December 3, 2021


Vincenzo Galdi took this garden photo of a young man and a blanket in the 1890s.  Galdi had modeled for von Pluschow and studied photography with him.  When von Pluschow was charged with corrupting the morals of Italian youth in 1902, Galdi somehow escaped prosecution, despite working with the older man.  Galdi had his own legal problems later, but managed to continue his career.



  1. I often wondered how these men could "get away with" doing these pictures. So they DID have legal hassles? If the Right takes over in this country, we'll be seeing censorship back in full force, I fear.

    1. It was really complicated. Initially, the legal hassles were over their sexual relationships with other males, some of whom were underage. Later, some of the photos were suppressed and even destroyed by the early fascists. A lot of right wingers love their porn, but their politicians and judges (like most) are hypocrites, so might vote for censorship while maintaining private collections.

  2. Jerry and Big Dude well said.
    Our pharisee politicians and judges, just like the royals and statemen of old Europe, consequences for thee not for me.
    And to think most of the purchasers of Galdi, v.Pluschow and v.Gloeden works were the aristocrats, oligarchs and well to do of that time. Who else could afford to go to Taormina Sicily in those days.
    Nabobs who think of nothing but punishing the lesser classes for having such works. Their allowed their frailties and vices and everyone else is not.
    Hypocrites who would purchase the work of these photographers and then condemn them when "shit hit the fan".
    -Rj in the IE