Sunday, December 5, 2021

Jimmy Dean

Here we see James Dean washing a car . . . no, not that car.



  1. Replies
    1. Actually, it's not THAT car. I looked up the pictures, it was a slightly different model. The 550 he was killed in had "130" painted on the hood, and the little bit of grill work next to the turn signal light was separate and not joined to it. You can see if you cut and paste this link No. 130 was fresh from the factory according to the article in the link.

    2. I most humbly beg your pardon.. I don't know everything after all...

    3. No problem. I make mistakes all the time.

  2. Jimmy has a halfway decent physique in this photo.
    Dean was smitten with Porsche's apparently, his Porsche 550 spyder #130 was silver in color. - Rj