Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Volleyball Nudists

Today we will examine some pictures of nudists in various modes of enjoying their all-time favorite sport, volleyball.  I cropped this photo from a much larger one and find the three young men interesting.  One has his shorts on, and all three have different expressions.



  1. There’s always that one nonconformist!

  2. Maybe Mr.Shorts thinks his gear is too small?

    1. Or too big and he didn't want to embarrass the others.

  3. I meant the guy on right not wearing a hat 😉

  4. Volleyball was a game that was invented in the 1890s in Massachusetts by a local director of the YMCA, originally called Mintonette as it was based on the Badminton but without a racquet. Basketball had only just recently been invented, and volleyball was intentionally introduced as a less intense indoor sport. It initially spread in the English-speaking world through YMCA sports clubs. Back in the day, gymnasia were largely all-male spaces and the YMCA maintained obligatory nudity for swimming - owing to wool fibres blocking swimming pool filters - but maintained an ambivalent attitude to nudity in its gymnasia. Five-a-side indoor soccer was played in what today we would call bikini sports briefs but as the game grew in popularity, it progressed into the open air sports clubs and spas - again, male only spaces - many of which were located by lakes or in sea resorts, in order for members to row and swim - beach volleyball was born. In all-male company, the bikini briefs came off and the game progressed into the nudist camps to become a staple favourite of naturists.