Sunday, January 9, 2022


David Asnis enlisted in the U.S. Army in January of 1942 in the wake of the Pearl Harbor attack.  His war record was mostly lost in a fire in the 1970's and we only have some hospital records left.  He appears to have avoided being wounded, but seems to have been prone to skin infections.  Mr. Asnis' honorable discharge in July of 1945 could indicate European combat experience because the war with Japan was still on, and only heavy European Theater combat vets were being discharged at that point.  David got back into bodybuilding, getting honorable mention at Mr. East Coast 1946.



  1. Nice looking this an official military photo? It's grainy, and might account for his grim expression.

    1. Someone posted this photo on an on-line memorial site . . . and it was on the wrong guys page!!! Believe it or not, there were two guys in the Greater NY area named David Asnis. I tried to contact the person who posted it to let them know, but have not heard back in almost two weeks. I also asked where they got the picture.