Sunday, January 9, 2022


This autographed photo of David Asnis is presumed to be 
by Al Urban, and I can't tell if the trunks are drawn on or real.



  1. I would say the trunks are drawn in. His groin is artificially darkened, too. Or so it looks.

  2. Drawn!
    On the trunk, the the gradation of blackness is abnormally narrow (less than 10), for the human eye the trunk looks uniformly black.
    Compare with the real trunk in the post "Mixed message" where there are gradations in blackness related to Asnis's bulge and the fabric folds.

    Another thing: the trunk edges both at the waist and leg are "wavy".L ook at the edge over the wrist where the trunk line is way lower then over the thumb.
    At Asnis silhouette edges here are more discontinuities. I downloaded and enlarged the image. On the right side of Asnis body, there is an edge between body and trunk 7-8 pixels wide. if the trunk were real, and molded following the body, the edge thickness will be a couple of pixels max, due to the fabric thickness.
    On Asnis's body left side, there is a bigger edge and the trunk line goes "up" in an awkward way.
    Of course, in that time to dedicate a nude photo, would has been possible only between fellow nudists, or to a very reliable and discreet "Male Beauty Admirer"

    1. You are welcome, it's a pleasure to comment, and to admire the Male Beauty!