Sunday, January 9, 2022

Latest photo

I found this undated photo of David Asnis on a website that chronicles mid-20th Century 
bodybuilders.  From the looks of him, he could be in his 40s, which would date it to the 1950s.  
I was able to find two  glowing accounts (1955 and 1968) of Mr. Asnis having appeared as a non-competitor at bodybuilding events where his abdominals were described as amazing for a man 
his age.  I found business directory listings as late as the 1960s for an Asnis Gym that had 
to be his in Irvington, New Jersey where he passed away in 1977 at age 65.



  1. Stunning for a man of that age. I wonder if this is an amateur snap.

    1. I thought it might be a snap, too, but don't know for sure.

  2. The trunks are spot on for the mid-1950s.

  3. I have always LOVED Dave Asnis. And it was news to me that he is from Irvington NJ. I live about 6 or 8 miles from Irvington. Thx for a great series today, and for the personal bio facts.