Tuesday, January 4, 2022

PaJaMa Smithsonian II

It's been three months since my first series of photos from the Smithsonian's collection of PaJaMa Collective photos, and today's series will still leave me only having scratched the surface.  We start with a handsome and versatile unknown model from 1941.



  1. There's something pleasing about the pose, the lighting, and the relaxed atmosphere that makes the a gentle picture.

  2. A welcome second series, Jerry. The PaJaMa Collective were a fascinating group and produced some excellent work. As you said previously, your work has to be good to get into the Smithsonian. This is a really nice photo of a handsome model.


    1. The odd thing about the Smithsonian's PaJaMa collection is the wildly uneven quality of it. Ms. Hoening apparently made an "all or nothing" donation offer and they took it all. I'm not saying that it isn't all worth preserving, because it is. You'll only ever see less than 10% of it here because it is repetitive, and some of the photo tech quality is very poor. Do you really want to see 11 photos of Jared French on a beach with a bouquet that differ only in some very small detail?