Sunday, February 27, 2022

Football jock Rock

Here we see Rock Granger in minimal football gear.  And for the uninitiated, that is not the way thosd back straps are meant to be worn.  I think Mr. Kundzicz was trying to show off the cheeks.



  1. Mr. Kundzicz must have foreseen Albert's taste in male photos.

  2. I was asked only the other day by an incredulous 25-year-old if I wore "one of those jockstrap thingies" when I was running, to which I replied that it was the medical orthodoxy of the day and nobody thought twice about it. I've had a look at both front and rear of Mr Granger's swimmer's-jogger's strap but unfortunately, I cannot identify the make. It is certainly not a Bike or any other of the big players in the market as all, by this time, had their livery on the outside of the front of the belt - a trend started by Bike - and tell-tale stripes on the waistband. Perhaps it was a cheaper knock-off for discounted bulk-buying for sports teams, clubs and gyms which often provided a strap for those who needed them. I can just see my interlocutor's eyes roll at the news that men would in fact wear a jockstrap another man had worn before - but always laundered. How times have changed...

    1. I was hoping you'd comment on the undergarment aspects of this series, Julian, and I was not disappointed. Your interlocutor would no doubt be even more shocked to know that there is actually a market on line for worn and unlaundered jockstraps. Forgive me for being blunt, but one outfit's slogan is "the gamier, the better."

    2. I had heard rumours to that effect. It doesn't surprise me - the British like their game well hung, and beef has to be at least two weeks old to be edible.