Sunday, February 27, 2022

BVDs or some such

This is the first of two photos in today's series of Rock Granger in his undies.
It is also the first of two with workman's gear and that painted backdrop.



  1. Again, the lighting here is beautifully effective. And those skivvies are also beautifully effective, too, aren't they?

  2. This looks as though it might be an early photo of Mr. Granger as he looks a bit younger here. In an excellent series, I think this is my favourite photo. He looks incredibly handsome here - real matinee idol looks - and sometimes being (minimally) clothed adds to the charm ... and it's not as though those undies disguise the package.


  3. In or out of undies, good ol' Rock is always a sight to behold.

  4. I suspect the mid-rise briefs are Nylon or a Nylon-cotton mix, which explains the, ahem, "contour". There were many variations-on-a-theme for briefs like these and which were very popular by the mid-60s because they were just acceptable for the locker room. Most men insisted that the only reason they wore them was because they needed the support. Mr Granger really did need it.

    1. I remember those Nylon mix briefs. Living in a hot climate at the time, I preferred all cotton.