Thursday, February 24, 2022


The very talent Elliot Eliasofon took a memorable series of photos in North Africa of bathing, showering, and frolicking at the ancient Roman baths of Gafsa.  I've always loved details in this one.  A few of the guys.  We have one guy who has put on his boots before fully drying off, several who've noticed the photographer, and a fully dressed GI looking on.  Lots to like here.



  1. Maybe the clothed man is waiting his turn. I like the way the light goes from shadow in the foreground to washed out overexposure in the distance.

  2. Le gars en bottines avait peut-être peur d'attraper des champignons aux pieds, mais j'avoue que c'est insolite de prendre sa douche comme ça LOL
    The guy in the boots may have been afraid of catching fungus on his feet, but I admit that it's unusual to take a shower like that LOL

    1. I thought about the foot fungus angle, Albert, but his boots would have filled with water as they are open at the top. Maybe he put them on just to dry off.