Friday, February 18, 2022

German Day, Part 1 - Helmut Riedmeyer

Today we're going with an all German double feature, but it's not the usual FKK nudist types.  We'll start with everyone's favorite German model, Helmut Riedmeyer, in a variety of settings.  Then we will move on to some interesting early 20th Century art.



  1. For some reason, despite the absence of a bridge, I get a "San Francisco" vibe from this. Do you know where it was taken?

    1. Mr. Riedmeyer is known to have done several important photo shoots on the French Riviera. I'm guessing this was made there.

  2. I always enjoy the FKK posts but you're spot in when you refer to Helmut as everyone's favourite German model. He really is something special.

    I'm with Big Dude on this too - there's definitely an SF feel to this photo.


  3. Jerry, you can never go wrong with Helmut! Stunning series, and excellent choices for today's post.

  4. It's the Riviera, I think people think its America because of the warship in the background. Remember the US fleet used to call at France in the 60's when this picture was taken. Helmut did most of his outdoor posing on the Riviera.
    -Rj in the IE.