Wednesday, February 2, 2022

In prison again, for life as it turned out

Paul Ferguson went back to prison in Missouri for raping a woman in 1989 with a term of 60 years.  
The undated photo above was made during an interview for a piece on the Novarro murder.  
Ferguson died in prison of natural causes in 2018 at age 70.  He continued to make excuses
and to shift the blame for the murder until the very end, even getting on a prison computer
in 2011 and claiming on the old IMDb forum that it was homicide and not a murder.



  1. Good grief. I knew the boys were bad to the bone, but had no idea they were involved in the Navarro murder. Evil and stupidity seem to often go hand in hand.

  2. Quelle histoire!!!! Je ne connaissais pas.....
    What a story!!!! I do not know.....

  3. I had known about Ramon Novarro's death at the hands of the Fergusons, but this is the 1st place I got the rest of the story. Tragic. Thx for the history, Larry.

  4. Nice job telling the tragic story.

    1. Thank you, James. I'm still working on a broader "bad boys of modeling" story of less deadly types. If you have any names to suggest, please do, either here on on the blog contact form.

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    3. I accidentally deleted your last comment, James, but I have added Jerry Suter to the list and borrowed a picture or two off your blog. Thanks!

  5. What a piece of S*** he turned out to be ! There's some place just for things like him.