Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Contemplative Erron

Colt model Erron, aka Frank Evans, seems to be contemplating something.



  1. I find it rather odd that although I know some of these names, I don't remember them from the time, yet I can name some models in photographs that even pre-date my birth! I wonder why. I do remember when full-frontal became legal in the UK - it must have been '71 or '72 - and I remember being asked by a newsagent if I wanted to star in a movie myself - an offer I declined. Then, of course, Margaret Thatcher made Britain briefly porn-free, by which time I was living in France, which was a free-for-all. So, thanks for the catch-up, however tardy!

    1. Do you think the news agent was really looking for movie talent or just wanted a date? Either way, you could have been a star!

  2. Cette photo que je rencontre sur de nombreux sites me rappelle toujours mon cousin quand il était jeune. Peut-être pas de corps, mais de visage, c'est un véritable sosie. Il devait avoir le même âge à l'époque de ce cliché...
    This photo that I come across on many sites always reminds me of my cousin when he was young. Maybe no body, but a face, it's a real double. He must have been the same age at the time of this shot...

  3. Well, another has been a day that has been easy on the eyes. Thank you, Jerry!