Monday, March 21, 2022

Eight Pairs from Kris

Today we'll look at eight pairs of men from the inimitable Chuck Renslow, aka Kris Studio of Chicago.  We start the show with John Robertson and Jack Rodgets (standing) in a unique pose.
Used by kind permission of copyright holder, Leather Archives and Museum of Chicago.



  1. It's interesting that there are dark and light "streaks" and Jack's face is in full light while John's is "in the dark." Would that have been intentional? Also, where cana man see the "H" pose?

    1. Hard to know if the darkness is intentional. Could be age or scanner issues.

    2. The was a 10" peing Polaroid format, but, was often too difficult to pull and peel often created strirations by uneven pulling.

  2. The dark light obscures a lot...

  3. Talk about really in your face and nothing left to the imagination! Of course this was the era of Linda Lovelace and Casey Donovan’s names becoming the topic of everyday conversations. Porn films were being reviewed in The NY Times. Most of us will remember how exciting that era was.