Monday, March 7, 2022


You knew we weren't going to get through a list of my art "likes" without an academic drawing, 
and here it is at the very end.  It's from 1840 by Michel Dumas, and despite the rough nature
 of it, he manages to produce a very good image of a middle aged bearded man.



  1. Gee, Jerry, there isn't one picture, one male,in this posting that I DON'T like. I wish you hadn't deprived us of your likes for all this time. I also hope you don't show too many females. Who needs them? Anyway, thanks for all your hard work in bringing pleasure to us men who like naked men!

    1. It would seem our tastes are similar. Imagine that. Oh, the females will always be alongside handsome males and not that often, just occasionally.