Thursday, March 17, 2022


I posted this photo almost three years ago, and I couldn't resist using it again.



  1. Yeah, Jerry, I can see that this shot is worth another look...or several more!

  2. So much to say here. It’s clear there is no manscaping here and shows he is very hairy all over. Something about water that makes body hair more pronounced. And, when I was in an open shower, the bent over view showed the balls hanging and i was able take a longer look without being noticed.

    1. Definitely no manscaping here, but I have a few shots of Mr. Gerrior in which his chest hair appears to have at least been thinned.

  3. Dois-je dire que j'ai la langue qui pend? Quelle merveille, j'aurai donné dix ans de ma vie pour avoir un cul aussi parfait. J'ai déjà connu beaucoup de mecs dans ma vie, mais je pense que si j'avais eu un cul pareil, il devrait ressembler à une entrée de métro. Bien sûr Jerry a du avoir une petite pensée pour son ami Belge en postant cette photo... Je suis en extase!!!!
    Should I say that my tongue is hanging out? How wonderful, I would have given ten years of my life to have such a perfect ass. I've known a lot of guys in my life, but I think if I had an ass like that, it would look like a subway entrance. Of course Jerry must have had a little thought for his Belgian friend by posting this photo... I'm in ecstasy!!!!

  4. "Oh darn, I dropped the soap again!"