Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Robert Rex by Pat Milo (I think) Day

Robert Rex worked for Bob Mizer of AMG, Chuck Renslow of Kris, and Pat Milo . . . and those are just the ones I know of.  He was obviously a popular model, but I have to admit that I post his photos to please others as I don't like his looks myself.  (I post lots of photos I don't like by the way.)  Anyway, I'm giving him his own day, and I'm fairly certain that these are all by Pat Milo despite some lingering doubts about two.  We start with Mr. Rex on a stool on a platform.



  1. I like his chest and abs, among other things.

  2. please show us the type of model you do like?

    1. Fair enough! I'll post a series of my personal favorites in about 10 days. Would you like physique models only, or the whole spectrum of the blog?