Friday, April 22, 2022

Edouard Again

There is a cropped version of this List photo circulated that focuses more on Edouard Dermit's 
fine body.  As much as I like him, I prefer the full version showing Cocteau's art.



  1. The lighting here is really cool! It 's bright then dark in an almost random way. M. Dermit's body is in itself a work of art, and we are also treated to a fine shot of M. Cocteau's art. It would be good to see a colour version of this picture.

    1. Out of curiosity, I just checked my List file folder, and there are no color shots. Doesn't mean he never did any, but I've done extensive searches for his nudes over the years, and none turned up.

  2. On comprend pourquoi Monsieur Cocteau etait attire par le beau corps de Edouard Dermit.