Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The Bill D. Collection - Bob Mizer's Stationary Surfboard

Today we have another series from the generous donation of The Bill D. Collection.
This time it's models with Bob Mizer's surfboard.  I've never seen a photo of anyone actually surfing on it, but it's hard to imagine that among all the models and hangers on in Mizer's compound no one would take it to the beach for a ride.  Of course, it might never have been returned in such an instance, given the thieving tendencies of many of the models.  Our first example, however, worked as an office manager and probably didn't need to steal a surfboard.  This is James Anton at age 26.



  1. The lighting here is great for apparently being natural lighting. This male is very nice looking, Jerry. Do you have any other photos of him?

    1. Mizer's blurb says that he posed for both a photo series and a film, but I can't find any more photos of Mr. Anton in my collection or on line.

  2. "Let's go surfin' now
    Everybody's learnin' how
    C'mon and safari with me!"