Monday, May 16, 2022


I recently came across these additional photos of my favorite Muybridge model working 
out with dumbbells.  He appeared in literally dozens of Muybridge's sets that included an 
amazing range of activities.  Click on the Muybridge label to see lots more of this guy.



  1. Did Muybridge take any pictures where his models were hard? This guy's penis sure looks like it's erect.

    1. It's also relatively small, which tells me it's flaccid.

  2. I assume you are aware of a contemporary and colleague of Muybridge, Thomas Eakins, a (now) world renown figure painter. He was also a scholar of human anatomy and followed Muybridge’s lead in producing multi-image nude photographic images of his art students.

    Photographs of nude models served as an indispensable tool in Thomas Eakins's artistic and academic practice. Eakins became an active proponent of
    photography during the late nineteenth century, using the new medium to make images that enhanced his already sophisticated understanding of the
    human form.

    Sequential photographs of the front, back, and sides of unclothed models produced by Eakins and his students at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine
    Arts, Philadelphia, during the early 1880s, demonstrated the weight distribution and shape of the upright human body. Later, while teaching at the
    Philadelphia Art Students' League, Eakins created single pictures of nude men and women modeling in standing and seated positions. Alt

    1. Yes, the Eakins and Muybridge apparently knew each other as they were both working in Philadelphia at the same time. I have done extensive posts on Eakins work, and you can see them by clicking on the "Thomas Eakins" entry in the list on the right side of this page.