Thursday, July 7, 2022

Bruno Day, Part 2 - Uncle Vic's Contributions

When I sent out my call for photos of Bruno's very fine ass, regular commentator Uncle Vic sent me a really nice group of photos, including this one that I suspect was made at the same time as the preceding shot sent by Tender B.  This shows how well Bruno aged and makes a nice segue 
into some great shots of his bum.  Many thanks to Uncle Vic!



  1. About ten years ago I inadvertently ran into "Bruno's" (not his real name, of course) profile on a dating app. I respectfully sent him a message and we had a pleasant chat. He's a great guy, into many interesting and creative projects. I read some where that his porn career was something that surprised him and he had to find a way to continue being a private person when his image was so well known. You noticed that there are few photos of his naked butt, which was too bad because his was stunning from all POVs (fortunately there is a lot of video showing his magnificent rear muscles in action). You might also notice that there are very few images of him smiling. The photos of his rear are great but those images of him smiling are golden.

    1. Others have commented on this blog and elsewhere about how pleasant and approachable Bruno is. Nice to hear it again.

  2. Aged, as they say, like a fine wine. What a handsome man. I love the balding look on him, too. I've always found mature men to be a huge turn on.

  3. Love that smile, that foreskin, and his lush carpet of body hair. When I was young, l used to get massive erections over him. I notice his foreskin is skinned back in most of his pix, but I seem to remember agee where it wasn't. Man, those left me weak in the knees.