Sunday, July 17, 2022


Although he didn't go full frontal, Lyle Waggoner was one of the first celebrities to appear in Playgirl.  This 1973 photo was made about the time he left the Carol Burnet Show in hope of becoming a leading man in the movies.  That didn't exactly work out, but he had continued success on TV and founded a successful company that rented trailers and RVs to producers for stars to use between scenes.



  1. Very first issue of Playgirl.

  2. Kind of funny how some guys who had all of those “Hollywood” looks never really became successful actors. He was supposed have been the last actor vying for the role of the old 60’s Batman TV series that went to Adam West. I saw a photo of Lyle dressed up as a Batman finalist. I still can’t believe he lost the role to Adam West. He was smart enough to realize his dreams of show business were behind the camera. He recently died of old age out in California.

    1. Mr. Waggoner had the props of a long stint with Carol Burnett, and that included some campy elements that were right down Batman's alley. For whatever reason, they went with Adam West, and let's face it, his work there is legendary. It did, however, trap him in a campy rut for the rest of his life where he would sometimes portray himself, as in Family Guy where he was mayor of Quahog.

  3. i dont mind he wasnt doing full frontal, im appreciated it. He looks really good

  4. They're lying, because it never showed it. None of the first few issues showed a whole penis until November.