Monday, July 25, 2022

Party gone wrong?

I've always thoroughly enjoyed this photo of a Bacchanalian wine party about to go bad.  It looks like one youth is distracting the older man with wine while the other is trying to stab him.  Perhaps one of you mythology buffs out there can tell us the exact origin in the comments.  I have seen this included in Max Koch's Der Act by some collectors, but Wikipedia Commons does not.



  1. These "roman" scenes always crack up. They're so stagey and somehow

  2. These "Roman" shots crack me up.They're so stagey and artificial.

    1. True, but they can also be sexy . . . without really trying in some cases.

  3. This looks like a standard composition on the theme of the drunken Silenus, with as often his two close friends teasing him and getting him even drunker. The guy on the left would typically be pouring more wine from a wineskin or ewer into the cup or onto or into Silenus himself. Lots of enabling going on! I don't know if it's based on a particular picture, but it's a standard treatment of the theme.

  4. The 1 in 1880 is the way Italians still make them. Almost a Lambda