Friday, July 15, 2022

Right down my alley

I was already well acquainted with late 19th and early 20th Century male nude photography 
by the time I encountered Ken Suffolk.  I was quite happy, however, to learn that he had a large assortment of such that he was more than willing to share with me.  The big bonus was not just 
in the photos he gave me, but in the names, locations, and eras that let me find even more 
on my own.  What a gift!  This photo is by Eickmann from around 1900.



  1. Looks like a glass blowing tube, but, if there was a load of glass on it, he wouldn't have it that close to his knees.

    1. When this appeared on Ipernity, I recall people speculating that it was a smoking pipe or some sort of very long flute. Your explanation actually makes more sense, especially if they used a cooled bit of glass for the shot.