Friday, July 29, 2022


At first glance, I thought that hairy chest might belong to Chuck Howard, but a 
comparison of the patterns left me thinking otherwise.  (It may be Buddy McCarthy.) 
I love the way the flesh, the fur, and the skeletal drawing are juxtaposed.



  1. I'm sure this is Buddy McCarthy. In the Lynes biography, he is quoted as referring to McCarthy as a "tiny brickshitouse from Boston, hirsute as any ape." Apparently the fur was "fun to play around in" but "wasn't photogenic" and they planned to shave it off for some later photos. When they did it took Lynes two hours with the electric clippers to shave McCarthy! However, the photos of the clean shaven McCarthy taken with the African American model John Leapheart are truly beautiful and sensual images, so it was well worth the trouble, regardless of whether people are fur fans or not.


    1. The things people do for art! And yes, the biracial photos are indeed beautiful.

  2. That photo composition wouldn’t have worked without that hirsute chest. Lynes never fails to amaze.