Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Vic alone

Vic Seipke manages to impress even with pants on.  I have more color photos of Vic than
 any other model in my Douglas of Detroit collection, and they are all with trunks on.  I think 
Mr. Juleff may have planned to use them for magazine covers which were increasingly being 
done in color when his career was tragically brought to an early end.



  1. Absolutely stunning. Mr Seipke never fails to impress. I'm happy to see him regardless of what he is or isn't wearing.


  2. With historical perspective, Vic Seipke really does stand out as having one of the most fantastic of physiques. He wore the demonstration trunks of his day with aplomb but would also go nude as well as wearing some very undersized posing straps, clearly in the full knowledge of the purpose to which these images would be put - but clearly didn't give a fiddler's elbow.

    I was talking to a young, straight friend of mine the other day about the way some of the Australian national rugby squad have objected to a team strip bearing the rainbow colours in order to celebrate Pride Australia. He said, "There's a war raging in Europe that could tip us all over the edge, people are still dying of Covid and these tossers are worried about that?" The world always has need of a Vic Seipke. He wasn't just a pretty face.

    1. Thanks, as always, for your cogent and on point comment. A few of the models (most notably Dan Lurie) of Mr. Seipke's era have left memoires and/or interviews in which they clearly state that they knew the nude photos they made were being pitched to gays. They either didn't care or thought it was worth it because of the quality G-rated photos they received which could be used in magazines and for other promotional purposes.

  3. Like I said above, I never saw a Seipke shot I didn't like. Even if he's not naked.