Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Avent Smith here worked for Lyle Frisby and Russ Warner.  This shot is firmly attributed to Lyle, 
and there some uncredited photos that look a lot like his work.



  1. Great tan lines, and his legs look lightly oiled. He is handsome and that body! Wow!

  2. The tan lines date the picture precisely. These were the "modesty trunks" of the 1950s when we all had to pretend that men didn't possess genitals, a piece puritanical nonsense at total variance to "Victorian values". A superb images nonetheless.

    1. Right about the puritanical nonsense, but an amazing amount of racy stuff was going on just out of sight.

    2. Repressive sexuality in general leads to revisionism. Not helped at all because my teenage self didn't log as log as "10 July 1996, went to the pond with J, D, and M. We all stripped and swam. Raced between two trees and then wrestled while drying off. Wrestling led to us all having erections, which we then dealt with." I would log that as "went swimming at the pond", leaving all other details out.