Wednesday, August 24, 2022


I know at least one viewer out there who will find the fur trail on this Lyle Frisby photo 
of Bert Bauman to be irresistible . . . and there are probably more lurking.
Disclosure:  I used a digital contrast enhancer to deal with some fading.



  1. Jerry, I notice on some of the photos you mention enhancing the images.
    A BIG THANK YOU - for doing what must be a tedious chore.
    I wouldn't even know where to begin that type of process.
    I was the one people would turn to in the office to hook-up their computers with all their connections and wires. I still don't know how I accomplished that !

    1. You're welcome. Digital enhancement is a bit controversial, so I almost always mention when I've done it or know it's been done. I try to limit my efforts to those cases where the picture would be very difficult to enjoy otherwise or where I'm trying to point out a particular characteristic or object. Problem is that, as an almost exclusively digital collector, I only rarely know what enhancements others may have made before I acquired the image in question.