Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Popup! - Sports Posters


Today I'm doing a quickie popup post of early 20th Century sports posters.
We start with a 1917 Dutch military event promoting strength and exercise.



  1. I was in a bath house in Rotterdam and saw a male who could have posted for this. He was splendid on the front side, too.

  2. Please note the theme of male nudity or semi-nudity which runs throughout this particular genre of commercial art. This derives from the influence of the Victorian Classical Revival and the fact that for many countries, sport was at this time in the main a very middle- and upper-class pursuit, with the private schools and universities taking the lead in many disciplines which were likewise of Victorian invention. Financial as well as social factors were also at play. The Olympics and other sporting events were very strictly amateur and even sponsorship was initially banned. Sportsmen had thus to buy all their equipment and clothing - and pay for the laundry bills. Only the wealthy could afford to do so.

    1. Thank you for that interesting explanation!

    2. Thanks for the background on this subject, Julian!