Monday, August 15, 2022

U.S. Army Gang Shower

This is an example of one of those cases where Bob and I (as well as frequent commentator Dee) 
found the same group of photos more or less simultaneously on a vintage photo resale website.  
Bob posted this one first, while I came along a bit later with my own an one donated by Dee.  
What can I say?  Great minds think alike.



  1. Oh this is really good i like it, the quality is amazing for old pic
    My father was a soldier too, i can relate this pic so much because back then i swim and bath with my friends like this
    Oh, i always visit bobsnakedguy too, one of my faves blog including yours.

    1. Yes, the quality is quite good. It looks professional.

  2. I also visit Bob's Naked Guys most days. I really like seeing naked men.