Monday, August 15, 2022

William Ritter

Bob's source said this is William Ritter of the Ritter brothers, and I agree.  That would mean that either brother Fred or George Platt Lynes is the likely photographer.  Looks like Lynes' style, fwiw.
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  1. This is a superb photo. William Ritter is a magnificent model - Hollywood handsome with an amazing body. Given the quality of it and the fact that he did take a number of photos of the Ritter Brothers, Lynes does seem the likely photographer. Without wishing to be crude,.I love how he captures the light shining onto and emphasising Ritter's penis and lovely hairy balls.


    1. Not crude at all to mention an artistic element of a photo. Whether intentional or not, the bit of light playing on the package is amazing.

    2. Whatever became of the ritter brothers? -RJ in the IE

    3. The Ritter Brothers dropped out of sight in the 1940s. I tried to research them, but the names are surprisingly common in their home state of New York.

  2. The tonal range is wonderful-Dee Exx