Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Scotsman Archie Brennan was posed dramatically by Vince of London,
and I can't help but mention how well filled the briefs are.



  1. In view of my comments in respect of Douglas Potter, I note that Archie Brennan is another home-grown model who also dresses upward. It must indeed have been the fashion of the time, if only in Britain.

    The briefs are in fact very brief for the time and I note the centre seam in the pouch which was very rate in those days. I can't quite decide if they were designed for posing or as underwear but the sheen on what is cotton seems to imply the former.

    1. I should have added that although Brennan is an Irish surname, Archie has very decidedly Scottish features. Although very mixed and diluted today, in the Celtic lands of the British Isles, the two strains of Black Celt and Red Celt are still to be found. The Black Celts have black hair and very dark eyes, the Red Celts fair or ginger hair and blue eyes. Archie Brennan is typical in colouring and feature of a Black Celt.

    2. Reminds me of my grandfather who came to America from Spain in 1920.
      With his dark hair and fair skin Americans of different ethnicities would debate his background.
      Americans of Anglo, Irish and Italian descent would swear he was either Black Irish or Northern Italian. Americans of German, Polish, and Jewish descent were convinced he was either from the Balkans, Greece or Italy. They would all be flabbergasted to discover he was Spanish.
      The downside was sometimes he would be subjected to a lot of slurs at the hands of his fellow Americans. (i.e., mic, spic, wop, dego, guinea)
      So much for the so called "melting pot".
      -Rj in the IE

    3. My other hobby is genealogy, and I can tell you that the Scots and the Irish have had a two and a half millennia history of population exchange. Their Gaelic languages are closely related, as is their DNA. In the past few years the ethnic DNA algorithms have advanced to a point that the better models can differentiate Scottish from Irish, but there is still overlap, particularly in perpetually upset province of Ulster.

    4. Julian, I had a feeling when I first saw this one that those briefs were designed for posing, not ordinary wear.

    5. Yes, I am very aware of that but Mr Brennan has the very typical features of the Black Celt in Scotland. it is a particular look - square face, and a small nose flattening at the nostrils. You don't see that look in Ireland. I think it comes from what was a very small gene pool. Until the 20th century, the Scots were no more than 5th cousins - which was the case in England under Henry VIII - which was also regionally based, reducing that considerably. Former British prime minister Gordon Brown, Scottish first minister Alex Salmond and singer and musician Andy Fraser all carried that look to the point that in England, they might have been taken as related.

    6. I wonder if the Black Celt look could be related to the Picts or perhaps even to the pre-Celtic inhabitants.

    7. Could be. We don't really know who or what the Picts were or anything of their origins. They are so remote in history, all they have really left is some remarkable stone architecture, largely in the Orkneys - which were originally Norwegian. The pre-Celtic inhabitants are now so lost in time that we know nothing of them as a people. The Celts are thought to have originated in the foothills of the Himalayas. There is a string of settlements across Europe as they moved West. Human beings being Homo Sapiens, I am quite sure there would have been intermarriage on a huge scale and so your supposition could well be right. For example, the Anglo-Saxons supposedly overran what was to become England and yet, today, the DNA of the county of Derbyshire - the southern most county of what we think of as the North of England - remains 94% Celtic. And as they say in the North, "Any road up" Archie Brennan was a very handsome lad and no mistake - and just perhaps looks like himself!

  2. This is a great start to today's series, Jerry. Really good photo of a stunning model, beautifully posed and lit, and yes, Mr. Brennan fills those briefs very nicely indeed.


  3. He looks like he's wearing a high cut Riviera swimsuit.
    If you look at men's beach wear from the 1950's in photos and film from that time
    you will find some of the men wearing similar swimsuits in Europe.
    Rj in the IE