Friday, September 9, 2022

British Beef Week, Day 1 - John Paignton Barrington

For the next week, I will be posting photos of British models daily.  Of course we can't do this without the work of John Barrington and his splotches, streaks, spots, and bad cropping, so we will start with him.  FWIW, I do respect the groundbreaking work Barrington did, blemishes and all.



  1. I'm really looking forward to this full week of posts. Who'd choose to be a vegetarian with so much prime British beef to enjoy!


  2. Some prime British beef is very timely, what with everything that's going on here at the moment. I'll let you know if they've renamed the country as well by the end of the week...

    I can't but agree with you about John Barrington's sloppy production and quality control. It's such a shame as some of his images are truly up to the high standards obtaining over the pond. Not even the poor quality of nearly everything in post war Britain can explain that away. No wonder we all hankered after the American physique magazines.

    1. Despite the all too obvious flaws, we have to give Barrington credit for pushing the envelope on male nudity in the UK.

  3. Is this sort of an honor for Queen Elizabeth II in a way ?
    I know it might seem inappropriate to some maybe even many, but I must say
    I know Calorman, Phil and other bloggers and readers of this site are British
    or from the British Commonwealth. I can only imagine the sense of loss you must all feel for the Queen. For that my heartfelt condolences.
    What a Great Lady she was. The embodiment of the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth and the spirit of the British people.
    There were times of good and bad and sometimes we felt things could have been better. But she had to live a life of very demanding duties and protocols
    that most people would never put up with. It takes a certain dedication, determination and resilience, and that the Queen certainly had for 70 years.
    God bless Queen Elizabeth II
    and God bless King Charles III
    -Rj in the IE