Sunday, September 18, 2022


Comment Issues

Once again, the Google Blogger platform is presenting issues.  A couple of months ago, there was apparently an upsurge in spambots posting comments on various blogs.  (I had noticed this, but they were relatively simple to delete.)  Google, in it's infinite wisdom🙄, apparently set the automatic blog spam filter to a higher degree of sensitivity.  Some of you who comment frequently have had your comments sent to spam.  While I cannot reset the spam sensitivity, I have learned how to better manage the spam holding pen, and I can (and will) manually post comments sent there.  For any comments lost in the shuffle and learning curve, I apologize.

Those of you whom I have told to temporarily cut back on commenting may now resume, thank you.  Just please be aware that I have new posts set to go live at 02:30 Hawaii Standard Time, and I don't start my day until 06:00 HST.  Therefore, there may be a three and a half hour (or longer) delay if your comments do not immediately appear.  I truly enjoy the comments overall, so please do not let this keep you from participating.

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