Monday, September 12, 2022


The pose Hoffman used here for Jim Little was borrowed 
from WWII pinup girls, but it works.  The lighting is decent, too.



  1. I find the lighting unusual, but agree, it's quite effective

  2. I have always wondered if Hoffman worked as a largely uncredited photographer for bodybuilding competitions and gyms, because I have seen so very few of his photographs credited to him. Those I have seen are beyond competent. Jim Little above is a very good photograph. As you say, Jerry, "it works".

    1. Yikes! This was supposed to go into tomorrow's Hoffman series, and I screwed up the queueing.

    2. Well, I was a bit confused but I put it down to a technical hitch. But then, I seem to be permanently bemused with technology these days, particularly when I have to walk round someone in the street reading a telephone. In my day, one TALKED into a telephone. Never mind, put it back in tomorrow and we can have a second eyeful. After all, he's such a handsome chap, you would only be spoiling us.

  3. VMM, mistakes happen even in our digital age.
    Great unintentional image ! What a "looker", when are they going to invent that time-machine we all need ?
    -Rj in the IE

  4. en veldig sexy pinup av mannlig form og kroppsbygning. herr little beviser at skotter kan vaere sa kjekke. et fint komponert bilde a hav herr hoffman, lyssettingen er slaende og gir herr little et sensuellt utseende. * osloson