Saturday, September 3, 2022

Low hangers

This 60-something looking poolside nudist should please you low hanger fans.



  1. He wasn't cheated in the dick department, really, was he?

  2. Always interesting to see how one might mature.

  3. Vocabulary/Vernacular:
    1. Got it hangin' = dick longer than balls.
    2. Really got it hangin' = above average dick, is longer than balls.
    3 Got 'em hanging = balls hang lower that dick.
    4. Really Got 'em hanging = large balls hang well beyond dick.
    5. Buzzard Balls = balls that hang abnormally low/halfway to your knees, etc
    6. Well Hung = At least 6" showing at all times and balls are same length/abnormally large male meats/package.

  4. He's aged well, still has a good bod. Used to be hit up by mature men like him on occasion in my younger days. They were in good shape for their age and full of the passions for life. Too bad ageism exists, we ALL get OLD. :)