Friday, September 30, 2022

Pgs. 26-27

I'm left wondering if Arts Unlimited was an in-house marque of DSI because I can't 
seem to find them in the usual photographer databases.  Anyone know?  On the facing
 page is another mystery outfit called Times Square Models which, although mentioned 
by name in one database, has no photographer info available.



  1. Une image magnifiquement et bien posee par Arts Unlimited.
    J'ai moi-meme pose comme ca pour des etudiants en art.

    Gentilhomme a Paris

  2. There was a Times Square Studio also. Do you know anything about that outfit.? A Model that I have collected photos for named SAL ROCCO had many photos taken labeled "Photos by Times Square Studio". SAL also posed for Magazine Covers labeled "Golden Boys presents....Times Square Studio'. There were several frontal Nude photos and in full rut so I assume after 1968. Very confusing.

    1. Other than having come across the name, I don't really know anything about the studio in question.