Friday, September 30, 2022

Pgs. 6-9 - Editorial

The main body of the issue opens with this editorial followed by an ad for Tiger, a new DSI magazine that eventually was part of a deluge of such in the late 60s as nationwide reform took hold.  Notice that they were still calling it a "male nudist magazine" just in case the censors moved in.



  1. Well, that didn't pull any punches, did it: "The world we live in is not the dream world of the Puritans and it is time we came to grips with reality". Indeed.

    In a recent row with a local church which has enormous sway in this part of London as a result of the behaviour of two of their members who are neighbours of mine, I wrote in reply to their lawyers, whose threatening letter to me contained two false allegations:

    "What your client has done is against the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 which requires both you and them to respect "protected characteristics", two of which both you and they have breached in my respect, compounding this criminal conduct with defamatory lies by deliberately, wilfully and purposefully misleading you - the purpose being to intimidate me into silence. There is a limit to that level of naïvety on your part as there is in respect of your cupidity and avarice. I heartily exhort you all to collide with reality, as long as it is on the understanding that given the circumstances, I do not feel under any compulsion to cross the road to tend the carnage - to draw allusion to one of the more scurrilous pieces of calumny in their supposedly holy writ."

    That I should have had to write that 56 years on from this editorial simply beggars belief.

    1. It's amazing how easily religious institutions find their way to corruption of all sorts. Keeps happening over and over and over.