Thursday, October 13, 2022

At the bureau

I don't know why Chuck Renslow bothered with the posing strap here 
as it was legal to show derriere shots at the time this was made.



  1. An opportune moment to point out that there were in fact two types of posing strap knocking about at the time. The first was modelled on what would later be called a "T back" when the thong came into fashion, which met a waist band at the back. The second had effectively two straps, from either side of the top of the pouch which tucked under and met either side of the bottom of the pouch. The advantage with the second type was that it didn't go quite so far up your crack - unless that tickled your fancy.

  2. The Bureau of Wow!- Dee Exx

  3. That tip toe pose, certainly brings out those calves. I wonder if this shot was originally another colour one?