Monday, October 24, 2022

Bruce of LA

Kip Behar looks happy, and as always, presents us with 
a fine body and pose in this photo by Bruce of LA.



  1. He's smiling, not too badly oiled...great photo.

  2. I can only marvel. Once again, Bruce "less is more" Bellas knows exactly what he is doing with the posing strap. What a brilliant photograph.

  3. 12 of the greats, each one wih their own style. Not to mention others.
    For outdoors I woud say that Whitman, Oettinger, Denfield, Bellas were the best.
    Indoors hard to say, so many good ones : Lon, Lanza, Stone, Spartan, Juleff,
    Frisby, Milo, Mizer. The leather milieu Kris.
    And the models from the young (Arnie Payne,David Zurborg,Robert McKim
    Kurt Freeman), to the hung (Norman Tousley,Helmut Reidmeier,Bill Grant)
    the professional (Ritter Bros,Delmonteque,Glenn Bishop,Steven Wyngren,Mark Nixon), the pretty boys (Ed Fury,George O'Mara,Gordon Hanson,Don Fuller) to the he-man types (Charles Zumwalt, Keith Stephan,
    Bud Counts,Irvin Koszewski,Al Hazan,Bob McCune,Richard DuBois).
    The physique photographer bringing the best out of the model, the physique model bringing the best out of the photographer. Of course the models above exhibit several of the mentioned traits !
    -Rj in the IE